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Phase 3 – Brand reinforcement and Location wise promotions


To enhance engagements with industries and International Clients for sustainable long-term relationship

Corporate Existence at various locations

Develop reach & communication

Activities to achieve Sales Target

Introduce schemes & incentives


Key Note

We Nandini India are glad to be a part of the RMP group for participating in promotional activities. We want to engage here as a branding and advertising agency where our role is to promote this corporate as a premium industry in India as well as abroad

For that we not only modify its images.., but we are also responsible for building the uniformity in look, feel and color for all the visible treatments on the campus as well as in the market. There are two processes we will follow

1. The internal branding and 2. External Branding

The internal branding will build up pride “we are the RMP’s” among the staff and management.  That will spread the word and will make an impact that may force people to uniquely identify this industry. Internal branding will also build up an environment, give exposure and imbibe cultural spirit among the people through conducting various activities and campaigns

Externally we will help promote the company as well as the products as per the strategically planned. We will design the milestone which shows step-by-step progress and achievement.

In our extended process, we will help to spread your activities national & internationally and help you grab maximum share from the market. As per part of the promotion we will also help you grab maxim share from the market. As a part of a promotion, we will also help you get support from various government promotional schemes benefits if exist.

The agency will give unique concepts and creativity which will help the company to achieve its targets. The agency will also be responsible for executing the campaigns and promotions as per the strategic plan

As a part of the initial process, Nandini India will do a short research and analysis of the company. We will look into the background, history, key areas of achievement, and design a 3 years plan and strategy for branding the company. Herewith, we are providing the agency budget for the 1″ year.

The work that the agency is going to accomplish has been divided into phases. All the services mentioned here are intangible in nature and are to be adopted by the company accordingly for the time being mentioned in the contract. Any activity carried out without the Involvement of the agency may result in brand mismanagement for which the agency is not responsible.

The budget mentioned below is approximated and is subject to change. The budget only includes an agency service charge which is on a retainer ship basis. The company is supposed to pay a monthly amount of the agreed contract price to the agency for the time period according to the contract.
This includes research & development, conceptualizing and visualizing, content writing & copywriting, and designing. No, any other production costs such as photography, fillm, website development, paid promotion in social media, 3D images & film, Exhibition stall are included.