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Phase 1 – Building Identity Internal Branding Launch and Promotion


1. Research and Analysis

Understand the current status, position and pattern of the company. Also to identify goals, objective, and targets.

2. Strategic Planning

After understanding the goals, objective, and targets and through analyzing all the positioning, launching, communicating, promoting and stabilizing the brand. collected information, planning and strategies will be worked out. positioning, launching, communicating, promoting and stabilizing the brand.

3. Conceptualizing, Visualizing, Designing & Content writing & give following creative:

Identity Modifcation

Visiting Card



Receipts and other account documents

Notepad, Calendar, Diary, Registers


Files and Folders

Others (Cap, Uniform, T-shirts, etc.)

Brand elements (Creating brand manual)




Color Theme



Website design (layout only)

(Website development, programming & SEO will be charged separately)

Campaign on the basis of strategic concepts

Launching at various stages

Marketing Presentation Preparation

Films and Photography (will be charged separately)

Corporate flm on Company

Promotional quickies for presentations

Ad Films

3D process Film

Company photography

product photography

Brochure design

Company brochures

Company pamphlet/leaet




Internal Branding

Signage (Indoor and outdoor)

Entrance design

Internal look and feel

Recruitment and Training standards

Culture incorporation ideas

Environment Generation concepts

Public Relation Office

Media Liaisoning

Single point contact for any media

Press Invitation

Press release

Organizing press conference

Design curtain raiser

Lateral Growth LIMITED

Build teamwork at various sites

Focus on launch of acquired or new set ups

Annual Report

Event Management

Celebrate festivals

Organize sports activities and Day

Celebrate Foundation Day

Build Strong Management -Staff Bonding

Buddy Interaction

Expert Intervention


Terms and Conditions

The transaction will be made in the form of contract for minimum 3 years.

The charges of all sorts of concept, design, content, & follow up are Included

Any Production cost will be charged extra like printing, photography, film, events, exhibition stall, website development etc.

Government tax (GST) 18% will be charged extra.