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Winners Of the Art Connect Contest

1st - Shanaya Jain

Shanaya jain

2nd - Dristika Pandey

We connect all around the world through advance technology, like Any kinds of books ,education, any news, shopping, food , connect with friends and family, only one finger click every thing infront of our eyes.

3rd - Vanika Jindal

All the participants are going to get a certificate and art connect mug.

Registration Closed

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Art submission date (Till 7th January 2020)

You can submit directly on this whatsapp number 7048476657 or e-mail us on or you can submit at our office.


Parth Mehta

Parth Mehta
This drawing said that robot and that save the world because the robot is very useful for the world and it says that the robot is give light to the world. It is topic is digital world or technology earth

Parth Mehta

This drawing shows that the technology is very advanced in the world it contens the internet, wi-fi and world wide . One thing the human important for need. The first eye show that is chatting in a world anywhere or any side.second eye show that is wi-fi. Third eye show that is Google or internet that have all type of things has available in it.It like a encyclopedia in the world.

Parth Mehta

This drawing says that the world is changing very fast in technology.There is a point then and now.Then, there is a many tree in the world,there is an candle for a light,There is a television for entertainment but it is very less in that time.In now you can see the industry which pollutes nature and tree is very less and population is to much,There the wi-fi and search engine,LED television and the most popular smartphone it is very big evil of every people.This is my concept, Thanks..........

Shanaya Jain

Shanaya jain

Samrat Sonawane


Today is an era of digital technology which has an incredible impact on people's interactions , work, purchases, life habits and their mind sets. The picture depicts the fact that man in today's world is so much bound to such technology and it clearly shows the past and new generation technology. One side of picture shows traditional era of technology where communication were in form of posts. The other side of picture depicts an era of today's digital technology where traditional methods are replaced with emails, Facebook and WhatsApp, YouTube for digital marketing due to several advantages , including speed and low cost. Although we should not forget our traditional communication as traditional post is useful even in 21st century as important documents such as legally binding contracts typically must sent through a traditional post office. It is formal and trustworthy.

Dristika Pandey

We connect all around the world through advance technology, like Any kinds of books ,education, any news, shopping, food , connect with friends and family, only one finger click every thing infront of our eyes.

Moksh Shrilekha Sha

Mishaa Jani

Tulsi Bhavesh Patel

Anushree Saurabh Kumar Mehta

The drawing shows the world which today is fully advanced with the technologies. There is a robot used as an artificial intelligence teacher, a cell phone which has made online shopping, payment, communication and finding our ways easy. There is a computer showing how we can learn through YouTube and communicate through Gmail and talk face to face through Skype. And the last one is the smart watch which has some unique uses like it has a fitness tracker, shows us our way, and even has some basic medical check up system like counting the heart beats etc. This is how the drawing shows the advantages of the digital world.

Pradhyum Jindal

Vanika Jindal


This competition has been specifically created with an intention to provide a platform for sharing ideas and creativity. Each mind has a philosophy that’s unique, through this competition, we wish to culminate the different unique ideas that each of us have about the digital world and its impact on our life.
This event if OPEN FOR ALL irrespective of your geographical location or age group.


We live in a digital duniya which is surrounded by technology and social media. Different people have a variety of opinions about the digital world and impact of technology on our day to day lives.

Your artwork should present a visual description of the digital world and how you think the digital world has been able to make the world a better place.

This online art competition is for:

Age Group – 6 years to 16 years

Entry format accepted:

Original artwork needs to be submitted by the artists in a format no smaller than A4 size sheet. Digital art needs to be 300dpi in JPEG or PNG format

The artwork will also have to be supported by a description of what you have tried to present through the art form.

Multiple entries per person are allowed


Registration will open from 1st December 2019 and 31st December 2019

Art Submissions / Entries will be accepted till 7th January 2019


Winners will be announced by 2nd week of Feb

The winners of the competition will receive the following prizes as a token of appreciation for their creativity


 Rules and Regulations

Art design must not contain any profanity or graphically disturbing content.

Art design will be judged on originality and creativity pertaining to the theme “Digital Duniya – a visual description of digital world in your eyes”

The artwork must be the contestant’s original hand-drawn or digitally drawn creation. The entry design may not be a copy or duplicate of any previously published art, including photographs. No copying or tracing will be accepted.

All entries/submissions become the property of Nandini India. Nandini India shall not be subject to any obligation(s) of confidentiality or infringement with respect to any entries or art submissions, nor is Nandini India liable for any use or disclosure of any entries or art submissions. Without limitations of the foregoing, the undersigned hereby grants Nandini India a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license of every kind and nature throughout the universe, and Nandini India shall be entitled to unrestricted use of the entries or art submission for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without compensation to the provider of the entries / art submission or any other person or entity. 

Judging Committee

Gamer Rabari

Gamer Rabari

He has more than 17 years of experience in the field of designing. Currently he is working as a branding consultant for different companies. He has an illustrious work experience of working with the top marketing agencies of Ahmedabad like Niksun ad world, FLS Creative Solutions, Radiant Media Convergence Pvt. Ltd. and Eight Petals.

Nitin Shrimali

Nitin Shrimali

With more than 2 decades of experience in the field of designing, branding and advertising, Nitin Shrimali has played an influential role in multiple projects of different industries. With an educational background of fine arts, he has gathered a lot of exposure and goodwill in multiple agencies that he has been a part of. He has an illustrious work experience of working with leading global marketing agencies of Hanmer MSL and Radiant Media Convergence Pvt. Ltd.

Kandarp Mehta

Kandarp Mehata

A young an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a zest for creativity and innovation, Kandarp Mehta is the founder of Nandini India which is a marketing and media agency of Ahmedabad. With work exposure in the field of marketing, he has a deeper understanding on ideas and creativity which are uniquely represented to enhance the impact and response of a brand.

How to Submit Your Artwork

You can submit your creative contribution as a canvass painting, digital vector art or even a simple pencil sketch, which may be scanned in PDF, PNG or JPEG format and sent to
you may walk in and submit your entries at our office located at 403, Shivalik 9, Near BSNL Office, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad – 380006 between 11 AM and 5 PM till the last date of submission i.e. 15th December 2019.